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Sometimes the things you love are the things you fret about most. GO VEGGIE® Dairy Free products are vegan and casein free with tons of flavor. So no matter what your reason for avoiding cheese may be, you can enjoy delicious cheesy bliss without cheating on your values.

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Better-for-you Singles

Any way you slice it, you’ll find that perfect single with GO VEGGIE® Vegan singles. Try them in a variety of mouthwatering flavors for that blissful cheesy experience.

Better-for-you Shreds

For those looking for a sprinkling of cheesiness in their life, GO VEGGIE® Vegan shreds are divinely melty and cheesy and also rich in calcium and protein.

Better-for-you Cream Cheese

For those looking to spread some cheesy love, award winning GO VEGGIE® Vegan cream cheese is free of hydrogenated fats, and comes in various smooth, rich, and creamy flavors.

Better-for-you Parmesan

For those looking to top off their fling with a little cheesy finish, GO VEGGIE® Vegan grated topping is free from preservatives, contains tons of calcium, and is the most flavorful cheese alternative out there.

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We want to make sure you end up in the kind of cheesy relationship you don’t have to worry about, so here’s a little something good towards your first date.

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