Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

Servings: 1 Lunch Box

Heart Smart Allergen Friendly



Nut butter

Sliced turkey

GO VEGGIE Vegan Cream Cheese (minis and 8oz tub)

GO VEGGIE Lactose & Soy Free Pepper Jack Deli Slices

Pretzels or sliced veggies

GO VEGGIE Lactose & Soy Free Bars (White Cheddar or Sriracha)



GO VEGGIE Vegan Singles


Stuff celery with nut butter or GO VEGGIE Vegan Cream Cheese.

Roll turkey up with GO VEGGIE Vegan Singles or Deli Slices (like Pepper Jack) and slice it into little pinwheels that are easy for little fingers to pick up.

Include GO VEGGIE Vegan Cream Cheese Minis for dipping pretzels or sliced veggies into.

GO VEGGIE Lactose and Soy Free Bars are perfectly portioned out and delicious with crackers, or roll up GO VEGGIE Vegan Singles and serve with crackers.

If you can include an ice pack, a little omelet is a fun change of pace. Make a 1 or 2 egg omelet and add a sprinkle of GO VEGGIE Vegan Shreds. Let it cool, roll it up, and slice it into rounds.

Recipe by: An Edible Mosaic