Northeast Natural Products Manufacturers Announce Resurrection of Great East Natural Alliance

July 25, 2013

Leading natural product companies, including Galaxy Nutritional Foods (GO Veggie!), Plum Organics and Applegate Farms, among others…..

Andover, MA - July 24, 2013 - Back before share groups were common, about 10-12 New England and New York natural product companies organized "The Great East Natural Alliance" or G.E.N.A., a share group intended to provide a collaborative environment where non-competitive companies at about the same level of development could discuss industry trends, customer and service provider challenges and opportunities, and other common issues that companies bringing products to market face. The group lasted about 10-12 years and faded out in part due to the ongoing consolidations and members going their own way.

The group is now back together with some original and many new members including:

Galaxy Nutritional Foods (GO Veggie!), American Halal (Saffron Road), Harbar (Maria & Ricardo's Tortilla Factory), Putney Pasta, The Tim Sperry Group, Rustic Crust/American Flatbread, New England Natural Bakers, Plum Organics, Drew’s, FoodState/Megafood, Elevation Brands, Dancing Deer, Late July, Applegate Farms, and Natural Products Consulting (Bob Burke).

The group plans to hold several meetings a year inviting some key customers and service providers to join them and perhaps host customer events at leading trade shows.

For more information, please contact Bob Burke at Natural Products Consulting.