The Ultimate Guest Etiquette Guide For Holiday Parties - Post Image

The Ultimate Guest Etiquette Guide For Holiday Parties

November 24, 2014

Did you know being a guest at a dinner party requires more than simply showing up to eat the cheesy blissfulness your host has in store for you? Don’t be a dinner-party snob. Instead, exercise topnotch guest etiquette by following these five easy steps.

  1. RSVP ASAP. As soon as you know whether you’ll be able to attend, it’s time to let the host know. They’re going to need to plan for how many mouths to feed, so the sooner you respond, the better.
  2. Be on time. There are a lot of things to coordinate while hosting. Keeping food warm, guests entertained – the list goes on! Showing up late adds one more thing for the host to juggle, but if for some reason you’re running a little late, let them know when you’ll be there.
  3. Bring a (cheesy) dish with you. Help alleviate some of the hosting stress by making something blissfully cheese that’s ready to serve. (This fresh arugula salad with pecan, pear and GO Veggie! Dairy Free Mozzarella Shreds is the perfect choice!) If you need a spoon (or knife or fork) to serve with, be sure to bring it with you.
  4. Offer to help. Your host has been kind enough to invite you over and cook you a delicious meal. The least you can do is offer to help serve dessert or clear the table once the meal is over. There’s always the chance the host will decline, but there’s no harm in trying.
  5. Thank the host for the hospitality – and then say thanks again. Before you leave, make sure to thank your host for the great meal. Then thank them again later, either by phone, email or text. (Or go old-school and send them a hand-written thank-you note!) A simple, “Thanks again for the wonderful evening. The food was delicious!” is all you need to put a smile on your host’s face.

Having good guest etiquette isn’t difficult. It simply requires a little planning ahead and a whole lot of cheesiness!