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Raspberry Cream Cheese Swirled Brownie Bites

February 23, 2016

There’s really no better dessert for Valentine’s Day than chocolate, is there?I’m all for chocolate any day of the year but I make special effort on Valentine’s Day to make sure my chocolate sweet tooth is satisfied.

These Raspberry Cream Cheese Swirled Brownie Bites are the perfect bite-sized desserts for Valentine’s Day!The rich and gooey brownie base is complemented perfectly by the lightly sweetened raspberry cream cheese swirl in the middle which also gives them a pretty pink color, too!

Since they are baked in mini muffin pan, this recipe makes quite a few making them perfect to share with all of your Valentines.This makes them perfect for a little sweet treat after your romantic dinner, or enjoyed for a random Wednesday dessert.Either works.

They are completely dairy free and vegan as they are made with GO VEGGIE Vegan Classic Plain Cream Cheese.I love using GO VEGGIE plain cream cheese because it not only has less saturated fat, is non-GMO, and cholesterol-free, but it tastes great too!Whether it’s on my morning bagel or whipped together with raspberry jam and swirled into these brownie bites, I don’t feel even a tiny bit bad about indulging.

Get recipe here:  http://www.goveggiefoods.com/kitchen/recipes/raspberry-cream-cheese-swirled-brownie-bites


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