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Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

August 04, 2016

By Faith Gorsky,

Summer always seems to fly by; we’re already facing back to school signs everywhere we look. It’s time to get back into the daily routine and add a few fresh ideas to help things run as smoothly as possible…so let’s talk about lunch for a minute!

We all know packed lunches are a great way to save money and eat healthier, but the challenge lies in keeping lunch ideas fresh and interesting. Sandwiches are a quick and easy choice, but no one wants pb&j every single day, no matter how much they like it. Here are a few lunch tips (for both kiddos or adults) to help get you thinking outside the (lunch)box.

1.Aim for a balanced meal, including protein and a fruit and/or veggie in addition to carbs.

2.Remember that carbs don’t always have to come in the form of bread. Crackers, rice cakes, wraps, etc. are also delicious lunchbox additions.

3.Fresh veggie sticks (like bell pepper, carrot, and celery) keep well for a few hours without being refrigerated, so they work well in lunchboxes.

4.When it comes to fruit, mix things up occasionally and add dried fruit as a lunchbox treat.

5.Think outside the box when it comes to protein sources. Nuts, nut butters, and GO VEGGIE cheeses are all great sources of protein.

Here are a few easy crowd-pleasing ideas:

1.Stuff celery with nut butter or GO VEGGIE Vegan Cream Cheese.

2.Roll turkey up with GO VEGGIE Vegan Singles or Deli Slices (like Pepper Jack) and slice it into little pinwheels that are easy for little fingers to pick up.

3.Include GO VEGGIE Vegan Cream Cheese Minis for dipping pretzels or sliced veggies into.

4.GO VEGGIE Lactose and Soy Free Bars are perfectly portioned out and delicious with crackers, or roll up GO VEGGIE Vegan Singles and serve with crackers.

5.If you can include an ice pack, a little omelet is a fun change of pace. Make a 1 or 2 egg omelet and add a sprinkle of GO VEGGIE Vegan Shreds. Let it cool, roll it up, and slice it into rounds.

Cheers to a year of healthy, delicious lunchboxes!