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Going Back to School – Culinary Challenge at Johnson & Wales University

April 14, 2014

By Katie Cavuto, MS, RD and GO Veggie! Brand Ambassador

I often miss my culinary school days.  Experimenting in the kitchen was and continues to be a dynamic, fun way to learn and explore nutrition and food with creativity.  Back in October, I had the opportunity to re-visit my old stomping grounds, Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island.  Thanks to their great staff and students and the hard work of our GO Veggie! team, the trip to my alma mater was much more than a routine visit.  I met with current students to share my story and then a select group of students joined the GO Veggie! team in the kitchen where students had the opportunity to create recipes using our amazing products.

I remember being a student and feeling so passionate about food and nutrition and simply overwhelmed with the opportunities that lay ahead as I neared graduation.  Knowing these emotions well was why I wanted to opportunity to talk with the current students about my transition from culinary school into the real world.  It was so fun to connect with current culinary nutrition students in a real way.  I shared my triumphs and failures and tried to inspire then to trust their path and be dedicated to the hard work it takes “to get from here to there”.

Once in the kitchen, GO Veggie! Product Developer and Food Scientist Dr. Jonathan Gordon and I challenged a select group of students with case studies that embodied the demographics we reach with GO Veggie! products.  From the mom that struggles to put dinner on the table for her children with food allergies to the corporate cafeteria looking to offer healthy options, we gave the students real world “clients” to work with.  We asked them to create recipes that were appropriate for their “clients” and then introduced them to the many products GO Veggie! offers.

We taught the students the difference between lactose intolerance and a dairy allergy and explained when our Dairy Free line would be appropriate in comparison to the Lactose Free line (green packages) and Lactose and Soy Free line (blue packages).  We then handed it over to the students who had 90 minutes to create recipes.  They did great!  From Thai Style Spring Rolls and Root Vegetable Gratin to pizza and sweet desserts they gave us several delicious dishes to choose from!

In the end, this Flat Bread Salsa pizza was our favorite recipe.  We hope you enjoy!