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Gluten Free and Living Easy

May 08, 2018

The time has come to finally put down those crumbly and deeply unsatisfying gluten-free baked goods and celebrate life with delicious, easy-to-prepare flavor-rich foods.

Gluten intolerance does not mean that you have to live a bland and flavorless life or fill your belly with crumbly, unsatisfying processed food.

Today, you can find hundreds of incredibly flavorful, nourishing, gluten-free products on the market, many with influences from the four corners of the earth. Friends, the world is filled with endless flavors, seasonings, and extracts that can delight your senses, improve your health, and satisfy your emotional and physical hunger.

Nourishing and Healing Foods

There are now hundreds of wonderful whole food websites for you to explore that offer healthy, gluten-free recipes that harness the healing and sophisticated flavors of world spices. In fact, many Middle Eastern and Asian recipes feature spices and vegetables that have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties – a wonderful benefit for those that struggle with celiac or other GI disorders. It's a great time to begin dabbling in global cooking!

Adopt a New Cooking Culture

For centuries Indian cuisine has used chickpea flour (think vegetable pakora fritters, papadam crackers, and dosa chickpea flour crepes), Asian cultures enjoyed delicious rice flour noodles, desserts Like Japanese mochi, and Vietnamese banh mi baguettes; and the African cultures of Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Somalia have celebrated the superfood properties of teff by incorporating spongy sourdough injera flatbreads in all of their meals.

The popularity of new grains like teff and quinoa, and nut, chickpea, and rice flour make all of these recipes potential favorites for your family. Recipes and gorgeous full-color photos are available on the web with all of the how-to’s, quick tips, and serving suggestions to make your introduction to new recipes easy.

Start Your Gluten-free Adventure

What’s most important is that you stay open-minded, curious, and adventurous! You may want to try our delicious Thai Coconut Soup, Cauliflower Chickpea Sheet pan Dinner, or Braised Curried Kale with Spiced Chickpeas. You can even explore wonderful snacks and desserts like our One Bowl Cocoa-Nut Energy Bites or an intoxicating vanilla version of Nutella, our Gluten Free Cookie Butter Spread.

So, grab some spices and interesting flours, and start cooking. Global cuisine is not only healthy, it is very much on trend. Best of all, you can finally say goodbye to disappointing mealtimes.