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Eating Pizza and Loving It!

September 30, 2014

“Hi, My child is lactose intolerant but loves grilled cheese and pizza. Thanks to your products she can have all these things. She will even eat the veggies cheese by the slice!” – Sara from Hopkinton, MA

“I am vegan, to finally find a yummy product that actually melts like real cheese?!!!!!! You are my miracle to pizza!!!!!” – Dawn from Kyle, TX

Did you know September 5th was National Cheese Pizza Day? We are so fortunate to receive so many inquiries from our consumers reminding us why we do what we do at GO Veggie! – provide the best cheese alternatives out there so everyone can enjoy cheesy bliss no matter what their dietary need may be. This month we would like to dedicate the blog to all the cheese lovers who have been able to enjoy pizza again thanks to our products.

“Thank you for providing such delicious dairy/lactose-free cheese products! When health concerns caused me to look into lactose- and dairy-free food alternatives, I was sure I was going to be missing out in life but thanks to your shreds and singles I can make most of the foods I normally would!” Mary – from Chantilly, VA

“ O by the way. The love product, when I can get it. You guys put cheese back in my life..... can't have pizza without it....” – Andy