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Dairy Free Month

June 05, 2018

When we think of summertime in America, we dream of deliciously sweet ice cream cones -- the kind that melts on your fingers at picnics and evokes a simpler time when school is out, vacations are in, and weekends go by like the lazy current of a slow-moving river.

Ice cream and creamy dairy treats are the stuff children dream of, and each summer as temperatures rise, families look for light and easy meals that are nutritious and portable.

While backyard picnics and pool parties may be falling wayside due to the popularity of gourmet food trucks and pop-up vacation restaurants, easy summer fare seems to remain the same and mostly dairy-based.

What’s a dairy free or lactose-intolerant person to do?

Thanks to high-quality cheese-alternative offerings from companies like GO VEGGIE, you don’t have to give up on creamy summer chowders, spicy enchiladas, mac-and-cheese, or ice cream and Key Lime pie anymore! There is no better time to begin cooking non-dairy versions of your favorite summer dishes than National Dairy Month, and we’ll show you how.

Enjoy all the Creaminess and All the Health, Taste, and Ease of Plant-based Protein

Now you can enjoy low-cholesterol, low-fat cheese-alternatives like cream cheeses that will add volume to cheesecakes, ice cream, and Key Lime pie; Mexican-flavored shredded cheese for delicious enchiladas and nachos; Mozzarella slices to enhance the creaminess of chowders; and Parmesan cheese to sprinkle on pizza, pesto, and lasagna.

Cooking and baking with cheese-alternatives, however, does require a bit of extra care. If you’ve never used cheese alternatives before and are looking for some great ideas on how to work with them to bring out their best flavor, try a few of these great recipes including Vegan Pizza, Healthy-Loaded Sweet Potato Fries, or Easy-Cheesy Pesto Rolls. Here’s to a healthy and delicious summer!