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Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas

July 14, 2015

If you’re like me, summer means go, go, go. There are things to do, people to see, and nice weather to enjoy (here in upstate NY, we only get so much of that!). This time of year, I’m on the lookout for quick, easy meals more than ever.

These Buffalo chicken quesadillas definitely deliver. They only take a few minutes to throw together, but they have tons of big, bold flavor. They’re great for lunch, as a quick dinner, or as a crowd-pleasing appetizer for a casual backyard get-together – you can even get fancy and throw the quesadillas right onto the grill instead of cooking them on the stove.

To make them, start by shredding leftover chicken and mixing it with wing sauce. Then, make a thick, cheesy spread with Go Veggie! cream cheese, lactose free mozzarella, and fresh scallions. I use classic plain cream cheese, but they’d also be delicious with the chive & garlic variety. Layering the chicken and cheese onto the quesadilla instead of mixing it all together prevents that flavors from getting muddled – some bites will have more spicy chicken and other will have more creamy cheese.

Using two kinds of cheese means these quesadillas are extra-rich and delicious. The cream cheese balances out the spicy heat of the wing sauce, while the mozzarella melts and makes the quesadillas nice and gooey. Plus since I use GO Veggie! they have less calories and fat and more calcium than if I had used regular cheese – plus they’re lactose free!

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