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Back to School Snacks for Fall

October 08, 2015

When school is in full swing, and there are after school events to get to, meetings to attend, and chores to be done – it seems like eating healthy takes a back seat to convenience.But with a few quick recipes in your arsenal you don’t have to sacrifice quality for speed!

Having lunch and snack options at your disposal will make life a lot easier.

One of our favorite grab and go snacks are the new GO Veggie! Dairy-free Individual Creamy Spreads.Just slice up some carrots, or apples and throw one of these spreads into your kid’s lunch box and they have a great snack. With this cholesterol free dip, you can feel good about packing in a little more nutrition into your child’s lunch box.

For some quick lunch options, a grilled cheese is always a fantastic go-to! For your kids that want all of the traditional, comforting foods that their friends are eating, try this recipe for Pepperoni Pizza Grilled Cheese, featuring GO Veggie! Mozzarella Dairy Free Shreds. This grilled cheese has some veggie pepperoni in it for added protein, and when you make it with whole grain bread, you can sneak in a few more nutrients without anyone noticing!

For the more adventurous kid in the household, try creating this Caprese Style Grilled Cheese. The fresh basil in this recipe is packed with antioxidants, giving your little one a boost of vitamins. And the fresh tomatoes add a kick of Vitamin C.

Packing a balanced lunch is the key to filling your child’s belly so they’re not craving other snacks and less healthy foods when they get home.Adding whole grains, some protein and sneaking in veggies wherever possible is a great way to make them healthy and happy.

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