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Back to School and Loving It!

September 04, 2014

“With 9 energetic kids at home, my wife and I strive to provide a diet that is healthy and balanced, but also flavorful and exciting as 3 of our kiddos cannot have dairy. Your heavenly cheeses have blossomed into a mainstay in our home; from shredded to sliced, it has been a blessing. Most notably, the cheddar shines brightly. There's been many a grilled cheese with it, and it is such a linchpin in the home.” – Michael from Clifton, NJ

“My little girl has food allergies and had her first grilled cheese ever.. Thank you!” – Christine, NY

It’s September and you know what that means.. back to school for your little ones. We are so fortunate to receive so many inquiries from our consumers reminding us why we do what we do at GO Veggie! – provide the best cheese alternatives out there so everyone can enjoy cheesy bliss no matter what their dietary need may be. This month we would like to dedicate the blog to all of those parents out there that dedicate all their time to raising wonderful and healthy children. It makes our day to hear that our products have allowed your children to enjoy classic’s such as grilled cheese again.

“Thank You for making my 6 yr old daughter happy. She is allergic to dairy and has been so great about all the things she can't have anymore, which is so hard when you’re a kid. But the one thing she has been really been missing is what she calls "sprinkle" cheese, parmesan cheese on her spaghetti or in her pesto. We came across your go veggie dairy free grated topping the other day at our co-op, she was so excited. She had to have spaghetti for dinner that night just to try it out. She loves it. You just made my life a little easier too. Can't wait to look for your other dairy free products to try.” – Karen from Northfield, MN

“Hi, I just wanted to thank you for all your awesome products. My kids just love your products so much they want it every night. My husband and I love all your products that get our kids to gather around the kitchen table for a meal. They are all delicious.” – Suseann from Pedro, OH

“I really love your cheeses. They are always so delicious. My kids love them too. Thanks for the great cheese.” – Lacey from Texarkana, TX

“Hello my 9 year old daughter was just recently diagnosed with Lactose Intolerance and it’s been hard finding products that she will actually eat but your shredded cheese is the only brand of cheese that she will eat.” – Sherry, MD

“As a mother I am always looking for the healthiest options for my family and Galaxy Foods provides them.” – Julia from Longmont, CO