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A Passion For Healthy Living!

September 04, 2014

This year GO Veggie! decided to fuel our passion for healthy living by exhibiting at the IDEA World Fitness Convention in California at the Anaheim Center. Here we joined over 12,000 attendees all in search for the best food alternatives and fitness trends. 

GO Veggie! decided to explore IDEA as our first fitness event because we believe that food is fuel and know that personal trainers and fitness professionals understand the importance of eating well. We appeal to fitness professional because we offer a healthier, plant based ingredient alternative to dairy cheese. By reaching the influencers within this community, we can help others looking to live a healthier lifestyle discover the benefits of plant-based cheese. 

The first day we walked into the event the energy and enthusiasm of each and every attendee was pleasantly overwhelming and you couldn't help but smile. As we continued to talk to health professionals, bloggers, RD’s and consumers throughout the three day event we got to understand the dynamic of those dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and their need for healthy alternatives such as our products. Throughout the event we sampled our Dairy Free Cream Cheese on a rice cracker and our Lactose Free Slices in a grilled cheese. Each day we found ourselves having to go back to the market to replenish our supply of samples. We turned cheese lovers into cheese free lovers and gave those with lactose intolerance a chance to enjoy a classic cheese free grilled cheese again.

But don't just take our word for it, listen to our fans at the event:



 Blog by: Cady Dufresne