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5-step Process to Getting Your Year Started Right

January 07, 2015

After the confetti has stopped falling and you've rung in the New Year, it’s a great time to commit to a healthy-living lifestyle. Get inspired with these five tips to help you reach your goals of living a little (or a lot!) healthier this year.

  1. Set a goal. From personal-development targets to health aspirations and exercise ambitions, think about what you want to achieve this year. Have your ideas ready? Write them down and hang them where you can see them often. That way, you won’t forget what you’re working toward all year.
  2. Arrange your sanctuary. Pick a spot in your home where you can have some much-needed “me” time and decorate it for yourself. Everybody needs a place to call their own, but you don’t have to go all out if you don’t want to. Even simple, small changes can give you a different outlook.
  3. Clean up your diet. There are some food relationships that you love to be in, but the food doesn’t love you back quite as much. We’ve all been there. (Yup, we’ve got cheese problems, too.) So why not eat foods that pack a triple whammy? Choose foods that are healthy, delicious and able to reciprocate your feelings. Can you say Lactose Free slices of cheesy bliss?
  4. Start moving. Whether you haven’t exercised in years or you’ve finished eight marathons, try to commit to something new this year. Fascinated with Zumba? Join a class! Hiking? Find a trail! A triathlon? Locate a training group! Think about something you’ve always wanted to try, and then do it!
  5. Rest up. Eating healthier and exercising are important parts of healthy living, but getting enough sleep is just as essential. Did you know that catching up on your Zzzs does more than help increase your brain function and mental health? That’s right, it also decreases your chances of heart disease and obesity. No more feeling guilty about hitting snooze!

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