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4 Easy Exercises to Start Your Day Off Right

January 15, 2015

If you’re like most Americans, your New Year’s resolution probably includes getting fit and committing to healthy living over the next 365 days. With such a great goal, why not start your day on the right foot by squeezing in a little exercise?

What’s the best part? No equipment required. All you need is yourself!

Jumping jacks. Good-old jumping jacks are great for getting your heart pumping no matter the time of day! Get the most out of it by jumping your feet out nice and wide as your arms come up straight over your head.

Pushups. There’s a reason pushups are a time-honored, classic exercise: Because they work! Whether you can do a full pushup on your toes or have to drop down to your knees, you’ll be strengthening the muscles in your chest, arms and abs!

Squats. Meet the best exercise for your lower body. Every time you sit back in a squat, you’re igniting muscles all over your body. Awesome! All you need to do is stick your booty out and pretend you’re having a seat.

Plank. Sure, you might not be moving, but that doesn’t mean you’re not exerting yourself. Holding the top of a pushup position for extended periods of time works your midsection big time. Washboard abs, here we come!

Once you’re done with a few sets, don’t forget to keep your healthy day going by eating your breakfast! What could be better than a little bit of Dairy Free Cream Cheese and egg on a toasted bagel with fresh veggies and herbs or some a delicious vegan scramble with tofu and peppers? That’s right: Nothing!

You can also make an easy switch by substituting GO Veggie! Lactose Free cheeses in place of ordinary cheese on your breakfast selection and enjoy double the calcium, and 50% less calories without the lactose, cholesterol or saturated fat!

Looking for more breakfast ideas? We’re whipping up new recipes all the time!